Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dog Days

(Thanks, Shawna, for the nudge... a month since the last post. Stale Hell indeed.)

Remember when summer TV used to suck? Time was I'd catch up on my overflowing Netflix queue in the hot days between spring finales and fall premieres, but no longer. Noooo. Stupid cable, with your ENTOURAGE and WEEDS. And THE CLOSER, RESCUE ME, and BURN NOTICE. And THE MINOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF JACKIE WOODMAN and ROBOT CHICKEN. And MAD MEN.

And for reasons I can't explain, my usual aversion to reality TV has mellowed a bit this summer. HELL'S KITCHEN, LAST COMIC STANDING, and ON THE LOT are now on the TiVo, which is really the best way to watch those shows: fast-forward through the boring stuff and head right for the meat. Don't get me wrong, there's precious little meat (ON THE LOT particularly so).

But it's not all TV for me. I'm still working through the Netflix backlog-- on back episodes of THE WIRE. Heh.

And you? What're you watching now, if anything?