Wednesday, October 12, 2005

WGA: Older, Female, Minorities All Still Fighting for Their Share

The 2005 Hollywood Writers Report is out, summarizing earnings and employment trends in film and TV.

"Catching Up with a Changing America?" questions the report's title.

No, comes the answer in the following pages.

$12,000 pay gaps between female and male TV writers. Single digit employment percentages for minority feature writers. Earnings remaining steady for older writers while employment rates drop -- these cats are earning more but working less.

The reading's both grim and galvanizing.

I'm talking to you, women, writers of color, of all ages. Write well. Get hired. Change those damn charts.


Shawna said...

I'd write gud, but I don't got no skillz. I must be stoopid woman righter.

Kira said...

Back into the kitchen with us, to procure the chicken pot pies.

Fun Joel said...

MMMmmmm, pot pie. Could you make one for me? I'm a real writer, you know. Just look at my paycheck and bank account. And by that I mean my lack of paycheck and bordering on empty bank account!

Neil said...

That chart is clearly depressing for everyone, no matter what gender, race, or age -- unless of course you're a 25 year old white male. Too late for me.