Friday, June 30, 2006

Superhero Video Games and Tentpole Movies We Will Be Spared

Cringe before The Tumbler! Boggle at Matter-Eater Lad! Salivate over King Kandy (and his Licorice Lariat)!

These losers join fellow third-string heroes and villains The Fantastic Fireworks Master, Stiltman (precariously balanced but lethal, apparently), and my favorite, The Hoopster, the Villain with 1000 Hoops, over at Stupor Powers.

Also making guest appearances in lameness are heroes we know and love, including Batman attempting to block bullets with his head and Supes himself, who among his lesser-known abilities has super-weaving, super-ventriloquism, and super-landscaping.

Super. Landscaping.

Check out Superdickery's other image galleries for more delights, including damning proof of Superman acting contrary to his boy scout PR.

The pages load pretty slow thanks to the graphics, but are so so worth it. Be sure to read the commentary.

In other news, I went to a fascinating WGA event last night, sort of speed-dating with TV development execs (but emphatically NOT a pitch festival). I'll write more on it soon, but will leave you with a brief tease that original material, especially spec pilots, are confirmed to be hot samples now. Fun stuff!

Have a great weekend! I'm off with a few folks from the scribosphere to do some super-moviegoing (to see guess who), and maybe will indulge in a little super-napping and super-martini-imbibing. And yes, I'll be writing. You too, 'kay?

Edit: Not to quell any celebration, but Alex over at Complications Ensue posted a serious and thoughtful reminder on what this weekend's about. No foolin'. Worth a bit of thought between beers.


james henry said...

The Hoopster needs his own tv series.

Chris said...

Hey, there's Batdickery in those comic covers too. In the interest of full disclosure. And, let's be fair to Superman, don't Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane really have a lot of that coming to them?

Neal Romanek said...

Great tip on the Stupor Powers.

Like Ed Wood does comics!