Wednesday, October 04, 2006

World of Parkcraft

Okay, so that doesn't work.

Still... TiVo alert!

SOUTH PARK's 10th season debuts tonight, and 'tis all about World of Warcraft.

Oh my god, they ganked Kenny!

UPDATE: So, that was weird. Fun for me, but I speak gamer, MMOG dialect in particular.

Waaaaayyyy more insidery than I was expecting, not to mention pretty much a big ol' ad for the game, the jellied and pimpled physiques of the boys not withstanding.

For people who don't play WoW, was the episode at all entertaining, I wonder, never mind comprehensible?


DaveyK said...

I liked the ending which captured the fact that, after achieving whatever glorious quest/goal you have set for yourself in the game, your reward is the Sisyphean torture of playing more.

That said, I will never be able to look at an in-game dwarf the same way again.

Scott the Reader said...

I've never played, but I'm familiar with the whole gaming mindset, so I was never particularly lost. I thought it was pretty funny.