Thursday, September 20, 2007

Odds, Ends

A few tidbits:

MAD MEN was picked up by AMC for another season. Fantastic news! It's one of my favorite new series. Check it out if you haven't yet.

A blog I discovered recently that you must read: Kay Reindl's Seriocity. Kay's a working TV writer, hilarious and smart and opinionated. Also, you remember that story about someone getting hired for a show after the producers read that person's criticism of the show on a fan board? That was Kay. She knows much.

Sam and Jim Go to Hollywood are back after a longish hiatus with a new podcast, wherein they have the enviable problem of lots of cool opportunities and not quite enough time.

Oh, and fall has arrived in Southern California. Summer's probably not done with us yet -- another wave of heat or two seems inevitable -- but there's that nice nip in the air at long last. And fall means the new TV season is here, of course... more on that later.

Finally, here's a nifty compilation of some of the movies Los Angeles and environs have starred in, complete with zooming satellite views and life-to-film transition shots. Tip o' the Dodgers cap to Scott the Reader, on whose blog I found this!


Annie Rhiannon said...

"...but there's that nice nip in the air at long last."

I can only imagine, being in Ireland myself, that this is a boiling, sweltering, Californian kind of "nip".

James Henry pointed me towards your blog, I was looking for female screenwriters for my 'roll.

And hello!

Kira said...

Thanks for stopping by, Annie!

Yeah, the nippiness is relative. I bet upper 50s (Fahrenheit) is downright balmy where you are. Not to mention that it's in the 90s here in Burbank during the day. :)