Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still Alive

Two months since the last post? Really? Blort. And no, I've not been off playing GTA4 this whole time (but it may be the last nudge I need to finally break down and get a next-gen system...).

Anyway, I just wanted to surface and check in. A lot's been going on:
  1. I co-wrote my first MOONLIGHT episode
  2. Went through production on same
  3. Took an amazing trip to Japan with The Boyfriend
  4. Returned home in time for MOONLIGHT to get cancelled
All the above are worth several posts, which I'll most likely get to sooner than I got to this one since I'll have some free time courtesy of #4. And while unemployment is actually a pretty good cure for jet lag, I can't say I recommend it.

Writing, production, and post on my episode was an incredible experience, but I'll wait until after the episode airs -- tomorrow, Friday, May 16 at 9p.m. on CBS! -- to get into details, for the spoiler-sensitive.

As a quick tease, here's a production snapshot, from behind the camera crane. The smear in the paramedic's uniform on the left is Claudia Black!


Fun Joel said...

Major congrats on the episode. Sorry to hear about the show's cancellation. I guess that's just the business, eh? Best of luck landing on a new show. :-)

Farscapefan said...

I started watching "Moonlight" when I found out that Claudia Black will be in the season's finale. Ended up LOVING the show absolutely and now stupid CBS cancells it???!!! Thanks for posting the pic, any chance for another one so we can see Claudia's face? :)