Thursday, August 07, 2008

Well, At Least They're Still Talking About It

From a post on The Hollywood Reporter's TV blog, deconstructing the stated fave TV shows of Obama and McCain:
Among media portrayals of U.S. presidents, McCain adds he admired President Palmer from Fox’s “24.” Not only is “24” considered an appropriately cool show, but Palmer was a winning portrayal of a tough, conservative African American president. It's a crafty choice on McCain's part, like putting the race card through a paper shredder. (For bonus points, McCain should try chastising CBS for canceling "Moonlight"; he could instantly shore up his weaker demos among women by a few million votes).
Emphasis mine. Ahem.


Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of columnists have discovered that if they mention Moonlight, they'll get responses.

Oh, a friend of mine has come to the realization that when people want to talk about inexplicable cancellations, Moonlight is the example given.

Be aware...I found this on Google's're going to be visited by Moonlight fans because of this.

The fans are still working on getting the show back in one form or another. We're stubborn and not giving up without a fight. I hope you enjoy all the LA buses later this month. ;)

You and I need to talk when you have the chance, dear lady.


Liz KS said...

"For bonus points, McCain should try chastising CBS for canceling "Moonlight"; he could instantly shore up his weaker demos among women by a few million votes)."

I couldn't agree more. Someone needs to openly chastise them for canceling MOONLIGHT. That was a nasty thing to do.

Suzanne said...

Vampires are everywhere - books, movies, premium channels...everywhere that is but on CBS.
They HAD vampires - but they caneled them. Because evidently (according to their powers that be) women would rather see some sniveling woman search back through her countless 'drunken hook-ups' and one night stands for the perfect man - or ::gasp:: she'll be alone forever according to the psychic.
Moonlight has be come the poster-child for bad cancellations.
ONLY The Eye would cancel a growing vampire drama in the middle of a Vampire explosion.
Kira - we miss you, we miss our Mick, Beth, and Josef. The new fall line up really is a fresh hell.

Anonymous said...

An additional comment on The Ex List...

How many guys does this broad have to go through before we decide she's just a slut?

Moonlight is much more interesting and fun, hands down.

Anonymous said...

We have been openly chastizing her openly for this. What the hell was she thinking? Vampires are "in".And NO we are not giving up without a fight! VSRRR!

Clau said...

"For bonus points, McCain should try chastising CBS for canceling "Moonlight"; he could instantly shore up his weaker demos among women by a few million votes"

I am absolutely sure this would work for him.

Anonymous said...

I am still extremely bitter about ML's cancellation. It had so much: drama, humor, romance and vampires. The cast and writers did an amazing job. ML was the perfect way to end a long, hard work week. MickBeth rules!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to create an incredible show that so many of us love! You and the rest of the crew got it right; Moonlight is a quality, classy show. We are still here and waiting for more "Moonlight" episodes and the DVD's! Our nights are so dark without the glowing wonders of "Moonlight."

Anonymous said...

Smart, funny and romantic: Moonlight has it all and three talented and charismatic young leads, too.
CBS cancelled a show that won it's time slot consistently because the demographics were wrong, too many women of a certain age. Ageism and sexism all wrapped up in one ugly package. I would love to have one of the candidates address this issue.
(Seriously, how many 18-25 year-olds are home on Friday night at 9 p.m. anyway CBS?)

Anonymous said...

I hope CBS realized that they fumbled the ball where vampires are concerned, particularly with several vampire projects hitting the screens this fall. The show touched a deeply emotional chord in over 8 million views in the U.S. Internationally, Moonlight has become a worldwide phenomenon with fans from 24 countries: Germany, China, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Columbia.

MoonlightShadow said...

If McCain trumps for Moonlight, I may consider switching my alliance. CBS broke the hearts of 8 million viewers and cancelled the People’s Choice winner for favorite new show, Moonlight. As you are well aware, we the fans of this beloved show, are coming to your network to save our show. By now you have all the facts. I am writing just to let you know we are still out here and still willing to do anything to find a network that will air Moonlight. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP.

wondergirl9847 said...

Kira, thank you for bringing us such a wonderful story. I miss Moonlight something awful. :(

It was awesome to see you at the Moonlight Convention last May too! Thank you for coming to talk to all of us. :)

Cancelling Moonlight will go down in history as the stupidest thing CBS has EVER done.

- Christy

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you. Simply love you.


cobby said...

Stupid, stupid, stupid Crap BS network.....Moonlight the only ray of light on Friday night TV and in "their" infinite wisdom they cancelled it. Shame on "them".

Thanks Kira and the rest of the writing crew for a wonderful ray of sunshine even though Mick couldn't be out there for very long.

Moonlight will live forever in my heart!!

Anonymous said...

Kira! You have a blog! Why did I not know you have a blog? I miss you and your wonderful words on Moonlight. :( But at least I can read your wonderful words HERE. I'm so glad I saw the link to this!

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Kira, thank you for the part you played in the creation of Moonlight! It has captured the hearts of millions of fans in an inexplicable way. It captivates our very souls. It gave us a brief respite to a hectic week by winging us into the wonderland of MickBeth. We fans are very loyal and tenacious and will never give up on trying to save the show.


Sandra said...

Kira, Sonata was simply the best episode of the best show ever on TV and it's absolutely tragic that CBS canceled it. No wonder brokers are advising people to sell their stock and there are articles about Moonves being one of the next CEO's to get canned! This was probably the most short sighted of many short sighted decisions they made. I love you, I love Moonlight, and I am one more little deaf frog continuing to write letters campaigning to bring it back!