Monday, October 27, 2008

If a Sexy Vampire Can't Survive, No One Can

Appropriately enough for Halloween week, the CBS Friday 9pm Death Slot has claimed another victim: the network's yanked THE EX LIST from the schedule.

Let the MOONLIGHT fan I-told-you-so's begin.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm sad when any show gets canceled. So much time and sweat and vision goes into everything you see on TV -- yes, really -- and add that to the straight-up economic and psychological suckiness of getting laid off, and it's happy times for no one.

My comments are more about the vagaries of this season and the mysterious and often harsh alchemy of network programming. There's nothing to say that MOONLIGHT would've fared any better.


wcmartell said...

My friend had a role on an upcoming (or not) episode that might have become a recurring role (biker next door neighbor). Pisser.

- Bill

Cunningham said...

Have you seen the EX-LIST?

This was well-deserved. Though I am sorry for people losing their jobs...

Kira said...

That sucks, Bill M. I'm sorry to hear that.

And you're totally right, Bill C. -- a wave of a programmer's wand has nasty and far-reaching impact on so many people.