Tuesday, November 29, 2011

*Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?

Two years since my last post? Seriously? Where did the time go?

Well, in part it went into two fantastic seasons on EUREKA for Syfy. I wrote "All the Rage" in Season 4.0, which introduced the one and only Wil Wheaton as Dr. Isaac Parrish, and we all loved Wil and snarky Parrish so much that we brought him back for a bunch more episodes. "Rage" was EUREKA's zombie episode -- darker than usual for the show and even scary in parts, but still with that EUREKA humor -- and being a fan of the genre I was honored to get to write the ep.

In Season 4.5 I wrote "Up in the Air," and lucked out again in getting to write another iconic episode, this one being where the show poster and opening credits were brought to life: objects in town mysteriously begin to float. Carter's frustration with an only-in-Eureka bank robbery is pure Colin Ferguson comic genius. I still have my favorite index card from the story break:



You'll have to wait until EUREKA returns for its final season in 2012 to see my third episode, but I can tell you it features Neil Grayston as Fargo delivering both a hilarious MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE-style break-in and some seriously touching and nuanced acting. Don't miss Season 5 of EUREKA... it has some truly blow-your-socks-off episodes, starting with the premiere.

Currently I'm absolutely thrilled to be writing on another Syfy show, ALPHAS! We've just gotten started on Season 2, and those new episodes will premiere next year as well.

Before ALPHAS I also wrote a feature screenplay for transmedia company Blacklight, a big actiony disaster movie with an unconventional hero and and a love story at its center. Boy meets girl at the end of the world. Fun stuff.

And last but assuredly not least, I wrote my first book, a young adult novel. DEAD LETTER OFFICE is the first in a series entitled PARISH MAIL, an urban fantasy mystery spiced with Southern Gothic (hello, genre mashup), and I'll have a lot more news soon... it's very, very exciting stuff.

So please stay tuned!


m said...

Hellz, yeah, followed by several further hellz yeahs.

tara. said...

doing some damn cool things there, kira! congrats. xo.