Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The day has come, cats and kittens! If you have a Kindle or Kindle Touch* and $4.99, you can own a copy of my first book, the Active Fiction young adult novel DEAD LETTER OFFICE, Book 1 of the PARISH MAIL series!

Pick up your copy on Amazon here

What is Active Fiction? It means what it says, a book that you read actively. As you follow Celia, the heroine of PARISH MAIL, through the streets and swamps of mysterious, magical New Orleans, at key points you'll get to make choices for her that drive the story and have real consequences.

And, because the Coliloquy platform gathers this data in the aggregate, I'll get to see what choices readers make and that can inform where I take the story. This kind of author-reader feedback loop is just one of the reasons why I so totally love writing Active Fiction; I'll write a post soon all about that.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy DEAD LETTER OFFICE! Feel free to comment or ask questions here, and you can always find me on Twitter at @sugarjonze.

You can read all about DEAD LETTER OFFICE, including a Q&A with me, on its page on the Coliloquy webiste.

Also, be sure to check out my fellow Coliloquy launch authors' amazing books:

WITCH'S BREW by Heidi R. Kling
GETTING DUMPED by Tawna Fenske
ARCANIA by Liz Maverick

Happy reading!

*The book is not yet available for Kindle Fire or for the Kindle app on other devices, but I'm sure both are future goals for Coliloquy.


Stacy at A Novel Source said...

Just finished writing my review which will be published tomorrow morning - loved Dead Letter Office! Can't wait for #2 in the Parish Mail series!

Kira Snyder said...

Thanks for the review, Stacy! I'm so glad you enjoyed DLO.