Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whoop That Trick

The US chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project is calling upon consumers to boycott Grand Theft Auto.

GTA, the whores claim, is morally questionable.

Yes, players can beat and kill virtual hookers in the game (but not rape anyone, as wrongly noted by SWOP).

You also can do the same to virtual cops, gangsters, ice cream salesmen, little old ladies, and innocent passersby.

We're waiting for the Frozen Dessert Servers Coalition to release a statement expressing concern about the game's cost to the morality and socialization of children, for whom the game was not created nor to whom it legally can be sold, any more than, say, RESERVOIR DOGS.

In the meantime, cheer with me: Down with G-T-A! Have you saved a ho today?


Tim said...

I'm sorry, but one of my favorite games from the old (DOS) days was Carmageddon. Granted, you mowed down anyone who got in front of your car, but still...I'm not apologizing for that kind of fun!

Bill Cunningham said...

This is why I am all analog in my "personal" life...

Sorry, too much info, I know...