Tuesday, May 09, 2006

FE3d Me, Seymour

E3 is here. Hide the children.

For the gaming news junkie, e3buzz can't be beat. It aggregates feeds from twenty-two (!) sources all in one page, with a separate recent headlines section. No pics, no video, just mainlined RSS. Ride it, gamer monkeys.

I'm going to be at E3 on Thursday, and the prospect fills me with equal parts happy anticipation and crankiness.

New games, new consoles, outrageous booth displays, random connections with friends from the biz = cool.

Struggling through a noisy, hot mosh pit of a convention floor swarming with swag-hungry, ill-mannered fanbois who somehow got a ticket even though they aren't in the industry and gape at booth girls like they've never seen Real Live Wimmins before = teh proverbial suxx0rz.

Wish me luck!


Grubber said...

Enjoy! Would love to get to that one year, and just have some gaming fun for a few hours.

Kira said...

It's something to see, Dave, if you get a chance some year!

shahua said...

Went to E3 one time. I, too, was sad to see so many guys lose what little civility they had just to gawk at the "wimmins".

I heard Halo 3 was announced. Let us know how thats gonna look and whether or not I should start saving now to pay for it.

Shawna said...

You'll have to check out Turok for me. BVG has been saying how it kicks a$$ but I haven't seen it yet.

See ya tonite.

Bill Cunningham said...

Turok?!!! As in the Indian trapped in the stone age with Dinosaurs?

Loved that comic as a kid.


DaveyK said...

Having been there multiple times (with the ability to get into back room demos because I was part of "the press") trust me when I tell you that you're better off with your fantasies of how cool E3 "must be."

Puncturing that mythology by actually attending will only depress you by showing you the demographic you belong to.

Truth to tell, there isn't much chance to try new stuff on the floor anyway. Most of what's on the floor to play with is recently released stuff which you can already buy.

The new stuff is limited to demo movies which can be seen 10 minutes after the show starts on every website in the world and sessions in back rooms you can't get into with a standard floor pass.

Chris said...

the line for Nintendo Wii: four hours long

the line for Sony PS3: a half hour


p.s. my word verification for this post was actually "flaky"

Fun Joel said...

Sorry we couldn't meet up while we were there (and I ended up being there on Thurs as well). Was fun, but I realized how truly little I know about vid games! :-) Hope you had fun and did some good business. Did you get a free massage in the lobby? That was the best promo giveaway of all, I thought!