Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Medium Well

I have a post about season finales in general percolating (I'm waiting for this week's final batch, particularly LOST) but can I just say now how much I liked last night's finale of MEDIUM?

It was an episode that was sort of an uber version of the norm, different and heightened, but that didn't have anyone act crazily out of character or undergo nutty stunt plotting.

Joe and Allison. Find me a more authentic depiction of a couple on TV these days. Their wonderful dynamic, spiky, touching, and sexy, lies at the heart of this show, and that took center stage here.

MEDIUM is quietly popular, not particularly fashionable for some reason, though the writing is first-rate -- a story editor friend on another show reports that no one wants to read MEDIUM specs.

I'm often amazed at how well it feeds both my sentimental and morbid streaks. COLD CASE, when it's clicking, does this too. I can pretty much be counted on to cry during every. Single. Closing. Montage.

And, yeah, the Dixie Chicks song was product placement, but it worked. Humming it now, in fact.

"How long do you wanna be loved? Is forever enough? Is forever enough?"



Loudlush said...

You're doing a season finale post including LOST?? Oh no!! I'll have to avert my eyes from Fresh Hell for eight weeks or so, We're a tad behind with our teev shows in the antipodes.

Kira said...

I'll be liberal with the spoiler labels, LL, don't worry. ;)

Floup said...

Like you said, "Waaaaah" :)
This episode aired just five minutes ago (I live in France), and you said exactly what I felt while watching it…
The relationship between Joe and Allison is so true, feels so real I can't help wanting the same thing ; you imagine, I'm jealous of fictional characters!
And the song was the "cherry on top of the cake", it fit so perfectly that my vision is still blurred by tears.

I'm teared up between wanting no episodes after this perfect one and wanting the third season t begin NOW!

Anyway, thanks for your post, and have a good night :)