Monday, September 04, 2006

Beta forum thread
Like a freezing rain, cold death
To games bloomed too soon.

Okay, so the below isn't a haiku, but I got a curiously worded and spaced tone poem of an email upon registering for the Vanguard beta test:

You've successfully completed registration for Vanguard Beta.

If you are accepted for Vanguard beta, you will receive a future email
containing a registration key
that you can consume within this flow.

Thank you,
Who've they got in customer care writing these things? William Carlos Williams?


shahua said...

hey, english majors have to make a living somehow.

If it weren't for the scribosphere and business related e-mails thour degrees would just atrophy (see, put to good use.

shahua said...

"Thour" it should be "our," sorry.

english major, yes. Typist, no.