Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Deep breath, kids, the fall TV season is about to begin!

It's actually on a rolling start as we speak, of course. I'm already enjoying HOUSE, STANDOFF, and MEN IN TREES, although I'm not sure how many of those will survive the rotation once the season gets up a full head of steam.

My TiVo's ready to pounce on:


I'll also probably sample FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and WHAT ABOUT BRIAN.

Season's passes are set for some shows, the rest I'll give a few episodes before signing away more hours of my life than are embarrassingly accounted for with the above.

And that's just the stuff that hasn't aired yet. Still watching PROJECT RUNWAY (Go Michael! Go Laura!). And damn you, pay cable, with your WEEDS and THE WIRE and MINOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF JACKIE WOODMAN!

What about you? What's topping your must-see list?


Scribble94 said...

The girl in STANDOFF is ... what's the word ... fetching. I too have been sucked into MINOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, although I'm not even sure I like it.

Kira said...

I find the STANDOFF couple very watchable too :) Whatshername and the guy from OFFICE SPACE (cute!) have great chemistry.

I'm with you on MINOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. For me, the show's a guilty train-wreck pleasure, since it's so mean and bitter and inappropriate-- and funny.

Shahua said...

Studio 60 is it!

When I saw the first episode, I cried. First, tears of joy. I tried to ignore the hype, but that was the finest peice of televison I've seen in a while.

Second, I cried tears of sadness. Alas, I will never writes as good as Sorkin (see that sentence proves it, sob... sniffle... sob...)

Shawna said...

Am I the only one who likes JUSTICE?

I'm feeling alone out here!! Where's the love for Jack Bristow as a smarmy lawyer, dammit???

Your TiVo and my DVR should talk. They seem to both have the same busy schedules. Good thing I have two receivers and can catch 2 shows at once.

Scribble94 said...

I'm all over JUSTICE, even with Dawson's Gay Friend as lead attorney. The hi-tech SFX, the "death of" segment at the end, the hot Nancy Grace knock-off, all work for me. I just wish Victor Garber's performance would include something other than barking.

Kira said...

I like what I've seen of JUSTICE so far, but have to get past my general meh-ness about all lawyer shows to put it into the perma-grid. Maybe I'll turn TiVo loose on it and catch up when I can.

Amen to dual tuner DVRs! Testify!

Dirty Psycho said...

I just have a quick question. In your field, are you seeing more and more of a move towards "movie-like" content in video games? For example, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey has done an amazing job integrating gameplay with the storyline. It gives the feel like it is one long and captivating movie that you can interact with. Are you noticing a shift in the industry away from shiny technology to more content and story-oriented features in a game?

Kira said...

A really good question, DP -- think I'll write a post on it. In brief, I think story should become one key differentiator as games become more the same technologically.

Is that happening yet? Not exactly...