Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Speaking of comics, The Boyfriend and I are heading to Comic-Con tomorrow and Friday for that key annual gathering of the tribe, one of the most sacred seasons in the Geek Calendar.

We may try to catch the WATCHMEN presentation on Friday, although something tells me we should already be in line for it. I'm hoping to get in a few TV panels, some comics industry stuff, and of course the lion's share of the time will be wandering around and people-watching.

We've never been, so newbie tips are most welcome!


Cuppycake said...

I have a tip for you. Don't go there hungry. The food is expensive and not great. A lot of people leave and walk to lunch somewhere downtown by the convention center and then go back to the Con because not only is the food at the con mediocre and expensive - there is very limited seating available to actually sit and enjoy your lunch.

Have fun! =)

Kira said...

Great advice, Cuppycake, thanks! We had hearty breakfasts -- mmmm, huevos rancheros -- and brought granola bars along, and were so glad for both.