Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E3 2008: The Big Three

As is often the case, Penny Arcade has the truth of it.

Although, as I noted yesterday, I don't think Microsoft's plan for the Xbox is scattershot and ill-focused, rather the casting of their usual large net. I.e. what's the market for a Windows PC?

Nintendo's lineup was about 80% meh as far as I was concerned, but the PS3 is on the rise. They're gaining ground on the Xbox, outselling it in the first months of this year.

Little Big Planet looks extremely polished and cool, and the use of the game to present normally snore-inducing sales figures both livened up Sony's preso and gave some insight into LBP's potential.

Beyond that, Sony presented very little for the non-core in terms of games, but their media store looks impressive, featuring TV and movie downloads from a power-hitting set of partners like Warner Bros., Disney, and Fox, videos users can port onto their PSPs.

DC Universe Online, SOE's new MMO, City of Heroes/City of Villains. It was hard to tell from the presented footage what the gameplay will be like, whether you inhabit DC Universe characters in instanced game spaces, or play your own created heroes a la CoH alongside the marquee names, or both.

And Home continues to be underwhelming and late to the party-- it may be out this year, maybe. It's odd to me that Sony went realistic rather than stylized with Home, like the Wii's Miis and the new Xbox avatars. Especially since WoW and its heightened, accessible look is kicking their own Everquest 2's photorealistic ass.

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