Monday, July 18, 2005

Call Me Ishmael

The Blank Page has a handy reminder up that bad character name choices can sink your script.

Several screenwriting software programs include name databases, but those can be hard to browse. Here are a few URLs you might throw into your bookmarks to help nail that name:

The U.S. Census Bureau Name Files - Male and female first names as well as last names.

The Social Security Administration's list of popular baby names - Lists go back to 1880. - Offers the ability to search by gender, region, religion, and meaning.

Name-o-Matic - Random name generator. Tip o' the hat to The Moviequill for the suggestion.


Anonymous said...

also in a pinch try this

Today's name is Mercy Loredo

Kira said...

Thanks for the tip, MQ! I'll add this to the main post.