Monday, July 11, 2005

You Got Your Earwax in My Motor Oil! No, You Got Your Motor Oil in My Earwax!

Why do movies and games, both often characterized by rich stories and immersive, heart-thumping action, usually suck so utterly when translated into each other's form? I'm not getting into that involved narratology vs. ludology debate, mind you, just putting out there what happens when Coming to a Theater Near You meets your Xbox.

Either the movie's good and the game's not (true of most crossovers, but let's just say BATMAN BEGINS for now), or the game's good and the movie's not (much rarer. I can only think of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK), or they both just blow (CATWOMAN).

There's a worthy rant up on Hollywood Hack about this.

If recent elbowings by Microsoft and EA into the Hollywood scene are any indication, the gamers will figure this out before the studio suits do.

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