Friday, July 29, 2005

Spec Check

Writing a TV spec? Thinking about it? Shawna Benson of Shouting into the Wind posted a helpful list on The Artful Writer's forums breaking down which current shows are good, bad, and too played out to spec, based on her TV writing class experience.


Anonymous said...

interesting that Six Feet Under is mentioned but its done, kaputskie, final espisodes already filmed..or do they mean just use them as an example of your writing?

Kira said...

Good question: maybe Shawna will come by and comment, or maybe you could post to the Artful Writer forum.

While I don't know the statute of limitations on recently-cancelled shows as spec material, I think you're right, it'd probably be better to leave SFU aside.

Shawna said...

If the show is over, don't spec it. Someone asked about it and I think I mentioned it, but I did see that 'Six Feet Under' is in its last season.

I think I also left off a couple of shows. I don't know if 'Numbers' is good to spec or not. Someone asked me about 'Carnivale' which I have never watched and I don't know what kind of reputation it has with agents. My guess is very little.

'Monk', on the other had, is a good show to spec. I'll go update my post about this on Artful Writer when I get a chance.

Kira said...

Thanks for the additional info, Shawna!