Friday, January 06, 2006

Hell-Bent for Leather

I'm back from vacation, quads newly jellied by climbing about 176 Maya pyramids, and still bleary enough that I misread a label at the store on Tuesday and bought a bag of baby arugula instead of baby spinach. Arugula, which is Italian for "yuppie chump weeds," is expensive and bitter to the point of being painful. The first wife of lettuces.

So. The January question is, existing obligations aside, what to tackle writing-wise as the new year kicks off?

The goal: a new feature script by the end of February.

I'm not starting cold. I have a premise, character sketches, rough outline, handful of punchy moments, and a title, but that's it. Two months from early prep to first draft, the version I fondly call the crap draft.

Anyone else want to play?

Ready, set, go!

1 comment:

deepstructure said...

lol. i've made the arugula mistake before myself. gives my juicing quite a tang!