Friday, January 20, 2006

Some of the Stuff I Saw in Grad School Was No Better

Who needs film school? You only need a Flickr feed, some random zooms and cuts, and an arty soundtrack to create a buzzworthy visual tone poem! Look out, Sundance!

An interesting use of technology. Brings up Eisenstein- and Kuleshov-type questions about our brain's extraction of meaning and narrative from sequential images.

Is a film still pretentious if it's an algorithm that's directing?


The Hopper said...

It's even more pretentious if you pronouce algorithm with a dutch accent.

Bill Cunningham said...

1st years used to the same thing by synching three slide machines and a soundtrack - a primitive form of music video. MTV had only been out about five years at the time.

John David Roberts said...

It really makes you feel the gooey day dreams of the unwashed masses which, it turns out, are not very interesting. And that is why people get paid real money to make narratives stories we call movies, eh?

deepstructure said...

i think this is a pretty cool little demonstration. something like this would certainly not be out of place playing on a club wall.

is it pretentious? i don't believe so - the person who created it could be if they tried to represent it as their art, though if they represented it as an interesting idea i wouldn't find that pretentious.

it certainly does reflect back to us how wired our brains are for pattern-recognition and meaning generation from association.