Monday, January 23, 2006

Okay, So You Miss a Sauced Paris Hilton Barfing into a Main Street Snowbank

Holy after-party, Batman, my assistant forgot to courier me my Sundance tickets!

Of course, I don't have Sundance tickets.

Or an assistant.

But I have TiVo and the internets!

Can't make it up to Park City this year? Technology to the rescue, baby.

The Sundance Channel is airing daily reports chock full of interviews, day-in-the-life video journals, and goofy man in the street interviews. Especially funny is host Whitney Cummings' attempts to scam her way into parties and swag. That girl's got mad griftin' skillz.

Blogging Sundance has several reporters in the field. Check out their film reviews and news on who's buying what, plus random articles and party reports.

For minimum content and maximum snark -- and pictures! -- visit Defamer, who's dispatched cranky, funny editor Mark Lisanti to the snowy slopes.

Best of all, with this stuff you can be part of the scene from the comfort of your own home, while wearing clothes no sane human being would wear in public, let alone to a major film festival. Or, would.

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