Monday, March 20, 2006

ARGs Go to the Big House

A pair of Spanish dotcom millionaires have opened a live prison break game inside an old bank in Madrid.

15 Euros gets you solving puzzles, ducking laser alarms, and clambering through metal ducting. Adventure game meets boot camp obstacle course, wrapped in a futuristic escape fiction.

Nifty, if lawsuit bait. I bet there's more than a few waivers you need to sign before hitting lockup.

I have a vague memory of a live ALIENS game in Europe -- Belgium? The Netherlands? -- where you and your ill-fated party ran around in subterranean tunnels chased by a guy in a rubber Alien suit. Anyone recall that?

What's particularly cool (to geeky me at least) about La Fuga is the database and positional tracking they use to see where all the "inmates" are inside the gamespace, and how this data is used to do things like change your future experience of the game. You might get tracked into a more difficult area the second time through, depending on how well you did on your first escape.

Now, all they need is the hot Wentworth Miller clones as extras! Maybe for the planned Times Square version?

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