Friday, March 03, 2006

The Greatest Game Never Made?

The rumors are true! There really was an unreleased Penn & Teller Sega game. Smoke and Mirrors is (was? Would have been?) a collection of postmodern minigames in the inimitable P&T style.

Chief among them is the fabled Desert Bus, in which you drive a bus across the Nevada desert to Las Vegas-- in real time. Make the 16 hour roundtrip, the legend goes, and you score one point.

Screenshots, commentary, and a torrent for the brave on Something Awful's forums.


writebrother said...

This can't be real. This is the lamest game ever, right up there with ET for Atari.

Kira said...

It really does sound bizarre, and more than a little prankish.

The Monty Python and the Holy Grail CD-ROM game was a similar collection of random, self-aware minigames, and was actually a lot of fun. In particular I remember Bring Out the Dead Tetris, which had contorted dead bodies as the pieces.

And in terms of pound-for-pound suckage, yep, nothing beats Atari's ET.

Scott the Reader said...

I used to hang around with Penn a little, sort of, and I remember them talking about this game, and the famous bus driver bit.

The point was, it was supposed to be dumb. That was the brilliance of it.

I never knew it was unreleased, though. Must be a few copies somewhere.