Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've been catching up on my gaming during the strike, although it's a little tough to do that when you're trying to keep the ol' personal burn rate down.

I did spring for Portal on Steam (not The Orange Box), and add me to the long list of people who think it's fantastic.

It's got an intuitive, elegant game mechanic presented in one of the best learning curves I've seen in a game. Not to mention choice environmental puzzles, pitch-black funny writing, and hardly any friction getting in the way of a satisfying play experience. You can save anywhere, the lethal areas and objects are impossible to miss, and apart from those you're largely indestructible. No fussy hit points to manage or first-aid powerups to hunt down. Just sweet, sweet gaming goodness.

Oh, and as the cherry on the cake, the best. End. Credits. EVAR.

Portal. Buy it. Play it. Then watch this.

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