Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Strike Notes: Week 7


Monday - Light turnout at WB as we wind down for the holidays. Today included a "Studio-a-Thon," where a moving throng of picketers visited all the Burbank studios: NBC, Disney, WB, Universal. I thought about going but figured regular turnout at the gate would be a little sparse and needing warm bodies, which it was and did. Sounds like the hike was fun, though.

StrikeSnacks: The Tropical Smoothie Cafe lady was back! Also, more raisins from Preferred Artists. Or perhaps they were the same ones from before.

Pedometer: 3.2mi

This evening was WGA meeting for the whole membership, the last before the holidays. Again, a good thing for the leadership to do, providing a forum for updates and Q&A. They answered every single question anyone had, and a goodly number of members stayed to the bitter end. Apart from the obvious, the AMPTP having walked away from the table, it wasn't so bitter-- a lot of positive initiatives are underway.

StrikeSnacks: Coffee, cider, tea, cookies and other treats

Tuesday - Today I went on my first location picket, outside the shoot of a Vince Vaugh/Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy in a Venice store. Lots of chanting, including custom ones ("Hey Vince! This is your fight too!" and "If you loop it, it looks stupid!"). We get two lines going, one in front of the store and one behind, and rally a lot of honks of support. We stay there a good three hours, even when it starts to rain. We thank the crew and other unions, and yell a parting "See you tomorrow!"

StrikeSnacks: None, but apparently Stroh's was offering free eats to picketers. Go Stroh's!

Pedometer: Unknown. I left it in the car. Would guess about 2.5mi

...and that's it for the holidays.

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