Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Strike Notes: Week 6


Monday -Tried the 2pm-5pm shift for a change. Brr, cold! Miscalculated on layers. Saw a bunch of new faces on this shift, as well as familiar ones from my class of the Warner Bros. TV Writers Workshop. We end the day heading back to gates 2/3 for a good showing behind the Channel 4 newsguy.

StrikeSnacks: Smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. A little too cold today to fully appreciate them, but they were tasty! Doughnuts, box of trail mix bars

Pedometer: 3.4mi

Tuesday - Back to my usual WB shift of 8-11am. I believe today was Bring an Actor to Picket Day, although the SAG support has been so terrific that pretty much every day counts in that regard. However, the sightings today were choice, including Garret Dillahunt (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, DEADWOOD, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI) and swoonworthy Peter Krause (DIRTY SEXY MONEY, SIX FEET UNDER). Keen-eyed Kay also spotted Victor Garber stopped at the light, and we got him to smile and honk. It was teh awesomez. Jack Bristow gave us honks of support from his Prius! Guest picketers also included the Pink Hat Brigade, women sci fi writers who've been visiting different picket lines each week.

StrikeSnacks: Nothing beyond the usual WGA-supplied noshes.

Pedometer: 2.7mi

Wednesday - @ Fox today, ready for the 8am-cold-to-11am-sun with multiple layers. Started off at the Truck gate and met some great people courtesy of my friend Karine including showrunners Barbara Hall and Anne Kenney. There was a fender bender between one honking-in-support car and another-- did we cause that? Oops. Moved with a small contingent to the Galaxy gate, which was unstaffed. Finished my tour with the big line at the main gate, where I saw Matt Groening again. Also, saw Joss Whedon in the parking lot, on his way in for the 11am shift. Squee!

StrikeSnacks: Nothing beyond the usual here either. Welcome to Week 6 of the strike, folks.

Pedometer: 4.9mi

Thursday - Jeebus, it's been chilly. It's all about the LAYERS, people! Tried out a new parking spot courtesy of friend and WBTV Writers Workshop classmate Jim, another magic spot where you don't have to move every two hours but a mere block from the main gate. It's so sweet (and the spots so limited) that I'm undecided on whether to tell anyone else about it. Picketed and chatted awhile with some awesome MOONLIGHT fans. We also had another visit from a NegComm member, who gave updates and answered questions. This kind of info-sharing and support from the leadership has been very welcome; it's so important to keep this communication going.

StrikeSnacks: Bagels and cream cheese from aforementioned Moonlighters!

Pedometer: 2.0mi

Friday - No official picketing today, but I do drive to Burbank for a location picket, only to get an email and voicemail that it was cancelled at the last minute (thanks, BooM, sorry I was surly!). Will try again at the next opportunity...

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