Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bad Places for Games

  • Operating rooms. Your surgeon's placed steel letters in your duodenum! Get an X-ray and unscramble the name of the life-saving prescription you need!

  • During an IRS audit. Two of the forms you've filled out are bogus, the third is real. You have ten questions to choose which before you're assessed bowel-shuddering damages and back payments!

  • The justice system. That waggish fanboy judge has hidden his name and a code in his ruling!

    Just because you're a professional doesn't mean you need to act professional. Apparently. Ahem.

    Bill Cunningham said...

    I'd add 'during a colon cleanse' to the list...

    Kira said...


    Erik said...

    I've seen a number of unusual rulings from judges, expecially if they are appointed for life. One judge included in his footnotes more than 200 movie titles.

    Judge Kent from Texas wrote one for Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corporation, Inc. that I thought was a great read. The site link below has highlights from those cases and others.

    Thus, for your procrastination pleasure: