Thursday, April 27, 2006

Future Historic Blunders in Marketing, Console Edition

The Nintendo Revolution has been renamed the Nintendo Wii.

Pronounced "we." Or, when translated into accountantese, "what drugs did they force-feed the focus group that approved this?"

Wii. Wii?

What the fiick?


Anonymous said...


I agree fattys must have been passed around for that to become the top pick!

I can't stand when marketing types come up with something that they swear is going to be hip and you can just tell they are trying to hard. Like that guy who swears he's funny and will push the joke until you laugh politely or slug him. Look marketing types we all cant make the next Ipod. make a better product worry about the name later.

Shahua said...

Sorry to comment as Anonymous. Meant to sign my rant.

Kira said...

Yeah, it boggles the mind. I should've put "marketing exec" rather than "focus group" because I'm almost positive no research was done on this.

I mean, jeez. English-speaking gamers will guffaw, their parents won't know how to pronounce it, and apparently Wii is a sound that doesn't even exist in Japanese and is difficult to actually speak.

Still, people sure are talking about it, which is success on some level.

Fun Joel said...

Am I the only one who thinks "Wii" is a bit too similar in look to the abbreviation for World War II?