Sunday, April 02, 2006

Guildy as Charged

In my wallet, nestled between my Tully's Coffee card and my Vons club card, is a shiny new WGA card.

Yes, wiseacres, it's even got my name on it.

While I haven't yet earned bona fide membership points, I did just join the WGA's New Media Caucus, which confers to non-WGA members a sort of observer nation status.

I can't vote, but I get the publications, can use the members section of the website, get script registration at the member rate, and can attend certain events. Hide the scotch, Craig, John, John, Paul, and company -- I'm coming.

Anyone out there who's written professionally for games or other types of creative digital projects, I suggest you check out the caucus as a great opportunity to connect with other writers of all media, and, in theory, abuse their open bars.

More nifty news is that I was accepted into the advanced workshop on writing TV spec pilots at UCLA Extension this spring. Woot!

I'm excited. It's a small class (fellow blogger Shawna among them), taught by Tom Blomquist, who has a slew of impressive credits on his CV including one of my favorite episodes of FARSCAPE.

Here's hoping for a productive spring for everybody!

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The Hopper said...

Thanks for posting the info about the wga. I shall join.