Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Come to Me, My Pretty

Happy dance! Happy dance! I finally broke down and ordered a new gaming PC, since my previous 'chine's video card is circling the drain.

If I was smart, I would've ordered it to arrive before the Labor Day weekend, but I've been finishing a script and don't trust myself to ignore any new teh shiney.

(Also, I always need to be dragged into large purchases after much thought and research. I drove a '64 VW bug daily for over four years, including a 15 mile commute for two of those, before finally buying my current car.)

But my new rig is on its way now! I didn't go too nuts: 3.2 GHz P4, GeForce 6800 (v. unhappy with ATI and Radeon right now), 2 G RAM.

Bejeweled is gonna fly.


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