Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Friends Are Not Only Imaginary, They're Trying to Sell Me Stuff

Yesterday's post rang up a site high of 10 comments in an hour-- all from adbots.

I don't know if spammers have spiders scraping Blogger's "recently updated" list, or that the word .s_e-x. fired up a jackpot klaxon in some dank basement somewhere. I suspect it's the latter, as the crickets and tumbleweeds have reappeared now that I've removed the offending word.

It's silly of me to get a little thrill when a comment appears, but it's pathetic to go read the comment and find out it was posted by a piece of software advertising ligitation funding. Or credit line counseling. Or "bench press tips." Or phentermine.

My imaginary friends are hucksters who think I'm financially irresponsible, possibly a felon, and fat. The bastards.


Fun Joel said...

No jinx, but I have yet to be hit hard by spammers. Still, if/when it happens, I'll be digging in to Blogger -- they've recently added word verification to comments, so you can try adding that if it gets to be a big problem. I know I won't mind typing "vgeqqw" or something before I can drop my comments!

Damion said...

You would not believe the amount of spam that ZenOfDesign gets. It almost drove me to quit before I got SpamKarma. I don't know what similar options exist for Blogger.

Humorously enough, while I was dealing with this, someone on Terranova talked about how blogs don't require moderation to function. I chewed him a new a**hole.