Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Don't Care If I Ever Get Back

The Cubs were in San Francisco this past weekend, and The Boyfriend -- Cubs partisan for life -- and I caught a couple of games. He took these pics from our seats, literally right next to the visitors' dugout, a scant fifteen feet or so from the players (like Derek "MV" Lee at left) as they walked to the on deck circle. Close enough to catch Nomah in mid-handflapping OCD pre-AB ritual.

The Giants won 2-1 thanks to a dominant complete game pitched by rook Matt Cain (my Gigantes would go on to lose the series 3-1, alas), but The Boyfriend was on cloud nine nonetheless thanks to the seats and the game ball tossed to him at the end of the 8th by Cubs catcher Michael Barrett.

Who cares if we had to take out a loan to finance the snacks and beer, it was an enthralling night.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you have a boyfriend, since I think your avatar is cute.

ScriptWeaver said...

I am SO jealous. Nothing like a pro baseball game. Only able to see one this year: Astros vs. Mets. Pettitte vs. Glavine. Great duel.

But this begs the question: when the Pirates are in town, who do you root for?

Kira said...

Wow, a duel indeed! I bet that was quite a game.

Speaking of Pirates, there's this one Barry Bonds fan I've seen a few times, who dresses in full Pirate/pirate regalia including mask and ginormous hat for presumably every home game he can get tickets to. Dude. Is. Hard. Core.