Sunday, September 18, 2005

TV Tempus Fugit

Ye gods, is it really the start of the fall TV season already? It seems like just yesterday that the Giants were losing their way through April, and here they are not making it into the postseason.

New shows I plan to check out:

  • PRISON BREAK - Off to a strong start but I'm dying to know how they pitched seasons 2 through n.
  • INVASION - Okay, so we're looking at LOST/X-FILES redux on all frequencies this season, but this one got an Entertainment Weekly stamp of approval.
  • MY NAME IS EARL - I don't much care for most sitcoms, but this one earned another EW stamp.

    Returning shows I'll pick up like unminded top-shelf Scotch:

  • LOST - Yay JJ Abrams!
  • DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - Yay Felicity Huffman!
  • CSI - Not Miami, not New York, not Perth freaking Amboy. Vegas, baby.
  • MEDIUM - Yay Patricia Arquette! The Andrews Sisters called, though, and they want their hair back.
  • DEADWOOD - You were robbed, Swengen, you magnificent c*cksucker.

    On the bubble:

  • THRESHOLD - Impressed by the actors and performances. Not sold yet, though.
  • GILMORE GIRLS - Loved it the first few seasons, fell off the wagon, and now I feel like I'm missing something again.
  • ALIAS - Ditto.

    Shows that I didn't watch last season but I feel like I should but jeez I'm already watching way too much TV, obviously:

  • HOUSE - Caught the premiere. Good stuff. Hugh Laurie is excellent, but I can't look at him without picturing him in a powdered wig and satin bloomers crowing, "Bladders!"
  • HUFF

    And that's not counting the full season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA clogging up the DVR.

    What about you? What do you already have programmed into your TiVo? What's good that I'm not watching?

    Dr. Gori said...

    Good list, Kira, but what's with no Ghost Whisperer? I know few women who can look at Jennifer Love Hewitt without pointing at the TV and screeching like Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. ('s Sports Guy has commented on this phenomenon recently, too.) Women hate her the way guys hate Orlando Bloom. (I hate that guy! See? It's true.) And I don't know any men who care to see JLH in anything but FHM. God willing, her show should tank quickly.

    Veronica Mars is making a big mistake. Well, not her personally, but the show is. Why release the first season's DVD after three episodes from your second season have aired? I've only seen the first few episodes of the series, and I want to catch up before watching the new shows. Lost got it right, releasing the DVD first; too bad I already caught every epsiode of that.

    I'm man enough to admit that I liked Supernatural a lot. The plot was only okay, but the two leads (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) are great together. I never cared much for Ackles on Smallville or Padalecki on Gilmore Girls, but it looks like they were just stuck with bum characters on those shows.

    The other new show I watched, Bones, wasn't so good, but David Boreanaz is still great at doing comedy. Unfortunately, the show's a drama, so he only gets to be funny every so often. I'll pass, for now.

    I never miss The Amazing Race, but I don't know if this year's "Family Edition" is the season to watch if you've never seen the show before.

    Scott the Reader said...

    Grey's Anatomy is actually really good. Try it out.

    I hope Ghost Whisperer tanks too, because the character is very much like one in a script I'm writing. Only if the show tanks, no one will want to make my movie. Fuck.

    I've been catching up on Amazing Race reruns on the Game Show Network, but seeing a new episode every day instead of every week is really spoiling me, and now I'll be impatient for the new series.

    Dr. Gori said...

    It's okay Scott. You can just write "The Ghost Whisperer" Whisperer, starring Lacey Chabert. "What happens to these crappy TV shows just before they get cancelled... It really matters!"