Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sir Crab of Cake

Maryland's state sport is jousting.

I am not making this up.

None of that Medieval Times crap, either, but people riding with sharp metal lances on horses at a full gallop, tilting not at each other but at progressively smaller and smaller rings, the tiniest a mere quarter-inch in diameter.

I don't know what tickles me more, the fact that this sport goes back to the 1940s, or that its current practitioners, despite SCA-inflected titles such as Knight of Maple Hill and Maid of Dragon's Lair, often joust in jeans and trucker caps (the real kind, posers) and would not look out of place at a NASCAR rally.

The things you learn when you're channeling-surfing instead of watching the Giants lose.

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Scott the Reader said...

Does California even have a state sport? Oh, no... tell me it's not volleyball.