Thursday, September 29, 2005

Independence Now!

Game industry vets Greg Costikyan and Johnny Wilson have just announced their launch of Manifesto Games, a distribution and promotional channel for independent games.

Why is this important? Without this kind of outlet, independent games wither and die on the vine, innovation stagnates, and the whole industry chunks further down the road of corporate consolidation and risk-averse design. Some terrific games out there ain't coming to your Wal-Mart.

Greg, a longtime critic of the game industry's substantial failings, in particular is walking the walk after notoriously talking the talk at GDC and other venues.

Games have no analog to the thriving independent film industry. Manifesto hopes to spark one. Give 'em hell, comrades!

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Dr. Gori said...

Thanks for the scoop! This is a great idea, especially considering that it's just going to get tougher and tougher for any game budgeted under eight figures to reach retail shelves. And Costikyan is right, there's no real gaming equivalent to the independent movie companies that can get their films into wide distribution.

I wrote to Greg last week, offering some gratis help with Manifesto's technical needs. I may have scared him off by mentioning a certain high-budget failure (rhymes with Schmajestic) at a certain high-profile game company (starts with an E and ends with an A) a few years back. At least I didn't tell him about the other projects and companies whose demise coincided with the period of my employment.