Friday, September 16, 2005

Pwned by the Java Jive

A vision of our caffeinated future, courtesy of Alien Loves Predator.

If you haven't read aLp, I strongly suggest you start (tip o' the Colonial Marines* helmet to John Rogers over at Kung Fu Monkey). Abe and Preston's adventures give double funny if you've ever lived in New York.

* A MUD I played in the early 90's, Three Kingdoms, had an Alien-themed area. Probably still does, the game's still live. Anyway, in this area patrolled Colonial Marines, of course.

Now, at the time I was playing this game I was working on a play called OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD, about the first boatload of convicts to Australia in the eighteenth century, and their jailors, military veterans of the Revolutionary War.

Stay with me, I do have a point.

MUDs are text games, so in my mind's eye the Colonial Marines of 3K were not Bill "Game over, man!" Paxton and the rest of that rough-n-ready crew from James Cameron's movie, but British redcoats.

They had the BFG's of course -- you can't fight aliens with a bayonet, that's just silly -- but also powdered wigs.

Erm. Well, I didn't say I had a good point...

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